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Bromley Homeseekers


Welcome to Bromley Homeseekers




Overcrowding a Housing Association Property


As part of the Housing Allocation Scheme Revision which took place in Autumn 2015, applicants who are lacking only one bedroom in their property are not automatically included on the Housing Register, unless they are an Affinity Sutton tenant.


However, applicants who currently live in a Housing Association property and are lacking a bedroom may be eligible to be included, as specified in The Allocation Scheme.


If you meet this criteria you should contact your Housing Association to request a reciprocal agreement as well as completing the online application form. (If you are an Affinity Sutton tenant you do not need to contact them as an agreement is already in place so you should just complete the form).


If your Housing Association do not agree to the reciprocal arrangement and you do not demonstrate any other housing need as outlined in the Allocation Scheme, you will not be included on the Housing Register.




Many Housing Associations now require rental payments up front. However, they do consider the circumstances of each individual applicant, and can adjust their requirements if there are reasonable grounds to do so.


If you are successful in securing accommodation through Bromley Homeseekers, and have concerns about your ability to make an up front payment, please discuss your situation with the Housing Association.


If you require additional advice please click here to contact us via e-mail.


Habinteg are a Housing Association who specialise in adapted accommodation. Visit their website for more information and to apply direcly.




Please be aware that about 70% of people who apply to Bromley Homeseekers are not included on the Housing Register. Just because you apply it does not mean you will receive a User ID and PIN.  We strongly recommend you read the Housing Allocation Scheme to find out if you are likely to be included and able to bid. See advice about bidding below.


At present it is taking approximately 12 weeks for applications to be looked at. If your application is more complicated it can take longer than this. As soon as we have made a decision we will write to you to inform you of the outcome. If you have been included on the Housing Register we will give you your User ID and PIN in this letter.



Bidding Advice

Please ensure that you read the adverts carefully as priority is given to different groups on each advert. If you would like any advice, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Our contact details can be found by clicking "Contact Us" at the top right of this page.


When you log in to bid, please ensure you are aware of your Banding Code. This was given to you in the letter that contained your login details. The first part represents your Band (E,1,2,3, or 4) the second part (H, T, or R) indicates whether the council recognises you as Homeless (H), as an Affinity Sutton Tenant with an assured tenancy (T), or a general housing register applicant (R). This information will be used in adverts. Please see examples below:


Bids from Band E will be considered first. If none are received, priority will be given to Bands 1T, 2T, & 3T. This means that if no one in the Emergency category places a bid, then applicants who are Affinity Sutton tenants (with an assured tenancy) in Bands 1, 2 or 3 will be given priority. If you have a code containing H or R you are not likely to be successful and may wish to bid for another property.


Bids from Band E will be considered first. If none are received, priority will be given to Bands 1H, 1R, 2H, 2R, 3H, 3R. This means that if no one in the Emergency category places a bid, then applicants the council recognises as homeless, and general housing register applicants, in Bands 1, 2, or 3 will be given priority. If you have a code containing T you are not likely to be successful and may wish to bid for another property.




What is Bromley Homeseekers?

Instead of people being 'offered' accommodation, Bromley Homeseekers advertises properties on a website each week. It has been used successfully by many other local authorities and is designed to give more choice to people who are in housing need. If you want to be considered for any of the homes, you will need to register with Bromley Homeseekers. If you are registered and if you meet the criteria, then you can choose properties that you are interested in. We call this making a 'bid'. You can only do this if we have accepted you onto the Register and given you log in details to use the system. You can 'bid' for the property you choose either online, by text or by phone. Each property will then be allocated to the person or family with the highest need. Once the property has been let, Bromley Homeseekers will publicise how long the successful applicant had been waiting and what banding they had. This is to help you make realistic decisions about the homes you apply for and the options you pursue.



How do I use Bromley Homeseekers?

If you aren’t registered with us you will be able to view the properties that are available as well as look at the results of previous allocations. You’ll also be able to look at the housing options we provide. If you aren’t registered but would like to use Bromley Homeseekers and think that you have a housing need you will need to make an application. We will then assess your application.  If you are accepted onto the register we will write to you, giving details of your banding, and will include a Homeseekers Pack telling you how to use the system.













What if I have an emergency housing need?

We will give you advice if you are homeless, threatened with homelessness or suffering from domestic violence or harassment. You should contact the Housing Needs Helpline on 020 8313 4098. In cases of domestic violence you can also contact the Community Safety Unit on 020 8284 8760 or for more information please see Bromley Council's domestic violence help pages. If you are an existing housing association tenant who has an emergency you should contact your housing officer for advice.

What do I do if I am having difficulty using this site or have a question?

First, please make sure that you've read the Homeseekers Pack. The answer to your question may be there. If it isn't or you have a question relating to your application you can:

  • email us using the contact us page or telephone the Housing Needs Helpline on 0208 313 4098.
  • Write to us at the Housing Register Team, 2nd Floor North Block, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH.

Bromley Council seeks safety reassurance for residents

Published Monday, 19 June 2017

Bromley Council extends its sincerest condolences to everyone affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. Our thoughts are with all those close to the tragedy, and we are keeping in touch with the ongoing investigation to see how we can assist and learn from it.

We do not own housing stock ourselves, so we are working closely with all housing associations to review the health and safety standards in properties where our residents live, both inside and outside the borough. 

We have already received many reassurances from the senior management of these housing associations as they revisit their safety assessments and arrangements, while ensuring advice and guidance for tenants is both relevant and up to date. Clarion Housing, formerly Affinity Sutton, which has a large housing stock, has told us they have set up a central team to answer tenants' questions. They are also currently reviewing their assessments to give additional reassurance. There is information on their website  

Safety is a constant high priority for the council and we work continuously with our partners in the fire brigade and police, as well as housing associations, landlords and others, to make sure we keep on top of safety issues that affect our residents. Currently, we are redoubling our efforts to prioritise flats, tall buildings, and houses of multiple occupancy in light of this tragic incident. There is fire safety advice on the London Fire Brigade’s website and we have also contacted the London Fire Brigade to see if there is further advice they can give locally.

As more information and guidance becomes available, we will be seeking further reassurance, on behalf of our residents, that everything humanly possible is being done to ensure the safety of those occupying our taller buildings in particular. 

We will issue local updates as further information becomes available. 



  • For media enquiries, please contact Susie Clark in Corporate Communications, on 020 8461 7911 or email [email protected]