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This page gives you quick information on the Choice Based Lettings Scheme and has links to take you to pages where you can view properties, check your details and bid for properties.

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Welcome to the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames' choice based lettings service
This service provided by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames gives applicants on the Kingston Housing Register the opportunity to see all social housing of the size they are registered for becoming available to rent in the borough, and to choose which, if any, of the available homes they are interested in, by a process called "bidding".  Each property is offered to the bidder in the highest of the 4 priority bands A to D, who has been waiting in that band the longest (unless there is a good reason for us not to do this).
For more details, please see the User Guide to Choice Based Lettings (at the right of this page) 




This weeks properties for advertising

  To see all of this week's properties, please click the tab on the left that says "This week's advert and results hyperlink".  Then, when re-directed to the next screen, click on the top advert.  This will give you details of all properties being advertised in the current bidding cycle.  Alternatively, when you login to bid, all available properties of the size that you are registered for will come up automatically.  Please note that the number of properties becoming available varies from week to week, and some weeks there may be none available at all of the bedroom size that you are registered for.  


                                                                                                                    Application Type Preferences:
Some properties will have different wording as to how that property will be short listed. Bypassed applicants with "Non Preference type" means that selected application types will have priority over others for that particular property. It is difficult to put the same for every advert so please make sure that you read the advert and place a bid accordingly. If you cannot bid, it could be that the property has been restricted to a certain application type.
Bidding Responsibly:
Make sure that all properties you place bids for are in an area you will consider living in.  If you refuse a property due to its location, after bidding for it, we will consider this to have been a reasonable offer.  If you are not sure where a property is, we would suggest that you check its location on a local map, and, if possible, visit the street before bidding.
Mobility Categories:
4 = can climb a flight of stairs 3 = cannot climb a flight of stairs 2 = needs level/wheelchair access 1 = needs internal wheelchair adaptations
If you have medical priority awarded for properties in a certain mobility category, you should only bid for advertised properties in that mobility category.  In particular, if you are in mobility category 3, this means you cannot climb a flight of stairs, so you should not be bidding for any houses with stairs.  If you do, your medical priority will be removed for that and any other unsuitable bids, and if you continue it may be removed altogether.
Bids Under Consideration:
If you see this noted against any properties you have bid for, it just means that shortlisting is still in progress, and the successful bidder has not been selected yet.  It does NOT mean that your own bid is being considered ahead of any others.
24 hour bidding:
You can bid at any time between 0:01am on Wednesday morning, and 11:59pm on Sunday night, and bidding by internet is usually quicker outside office hours (9.00am-5.30pm).  PLEASE NOTE - it does not matter when in the week you bid, it is your band and priority date that will determine your position on the shortlist.
Priority and list position:
Your priority for housing is based on the information you supplied with your application form.  Any successful bid you make will be subject to checking, to confirm that your bedroom entitlement, band and priority date are correct at the time of bidding, before any offer of accommodation is made.  This may include a home visit to inspect the accommodation you are occupying at that time.  You will also be asked to provide proof of identity and proof of residence for everyone in your household at that time, if we do not have it already.

The Home Connections automated telephone service has instructions in 9 community languages in addition to English. These are: Sylheti, Cantonese, French, Somali, Turkish, Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu, Vietnamese.

Other housing options

The demand for our homes far exceeds the supply. Regrettably, most people applying to us for housing will never be successful. Those people we can help usually wait many years. Therefore we positively encourage you to consider other housing options.

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