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Bromley Homeseekers


Welcome to Bromley Homeseekers



Bromley Homeseekers - important changes


Bromley Homeseekers is changing for the better. Those on the register, or about to apply, should note the dates to take action to ensure they continue to get the best from this service.


Please note that the date for the first bidding cycle has been delayed for 4 weeks to allow us to assess as many applications as we can before bidding reopens, it will also allow us to fix a technical issue that we currently have.



People already on the register must take action:


  • Re-register between 18 December 2019 and 28 January 2020 to preserve existing banding and effective date.


  • From 18 December 2019, follow the instructions contained in the letter already sent out which gives full details on how to re-register. Action is required to re-register by 28 January 2020.


  • The last bidding cycle before the change to a more responsive website will end on 16 December 2019.


  • Don't bid for around six weeks from 16 December to allow for the changes.


  • Bid from 26 February 2020, after re-registering on the new site.


People already on the register must take action:


  • 12 December 2019 will be the last date for applications under the current arrangements.


  • From 18 December 2019 there will be an new improved way to make a housing register application, using the same address


  • For emergencies only, such as having just become homeless or threatened with homelessness, please contact our Housing Options service. See for more details.




What is Bromley Homeseekers?

Instead of people being 'offered' accommodation, Bromley Homeseekers advertises properties on a website each week. It has been used successfully by many other local authorities and is designed to give more choice to people who are in housing need. If you want to be considered for any of the homes, you will need to register with Bromley Homeseekers. If you are registered and if you meet the criteria, then you can choose properties that you are interested in. We call this making a 'bid'. You can only do this if we have accepted you onto the Register and given you log in details to use the system. You can 'bid' for the property you choose either online, by text or by phone. Each property will then be allocated to the person or family with the highest need. Once the property has been let, Bromley Homeseekers will publicise how long the successful applicant had been waiting and what banding they had. This is to help you make realistic decisions about the homes you apply for and the options you pursue.



How do I use Bromley Homeseekers?

If you aren’t registered with us you will be able to view the properties that are available as well as look at the results of previous allocations. You’ll also be able to look at the housing options we provide. If you aren’t registered but would like to use Bromley Homeseekers and think that you have a housing need you will need to make an application. We will then assess your application.  If you are accepted onto the register we will write to you, giving details of your banding, and will include a Homeseekers Pack telling you how to use the system.






What if I have an emergency housing need?

We will give you advice if you are homeless, threatened with homelessness or suffering from domestic violence or harassment. You should contact the Housing Needs Helpline on 020 8461 7721. In cases of domestic violence you can also contact the Community Safety Unit on 020 8284 8760 or for more information please see Bromley Council's domestic violence help pages. If you are an existing housing association tenant who has an emergency you should contact your housing officer for advice.

What do I do if I am having difficulty using this site or have a question?

First, please make sure that you've read the Homeseekers Pack. The answer to your question may be there. If it isn't or you have a question relating to your application you can:

  • email us using the contact us page or telephone the Housing Needs Helpline on 0208 313 4098.
  • Write to us at the Housing Register Team, 2nd Floor North Block, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH


For media enquiries, please contact Susie Clark in Corporate Communications, on 020 8461 7911 or email [email protected]