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Welcome to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Choice-Based Lettings Scheme.

This website is where you can look at new homes and tell us which ones you are interested in.

We know how difficult it may be for you to choose a new home after the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower and the loss you have suffered. This is a big decision. We want to makethis as easy as possible.

We are providing help every step of the way through your Housing Officer. They will be able to give you as much assistance as you need, whether this is in person or over the phone. They can come to you and give you direct support while you use the website.

Your Housing Officer will contact you directly, but you can also ring the general helpline on 020 7361 3985 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and we will be there to help.

This website holds information about the permanent homes we have ready to move in to. In a few steps, you can see what is available and tell us if you are interested:

1)    Log in to the website using the menu on the left hand side of the page.

2)    Look through all of the homes that might be suitable for you, and see important details about them.

3)    Tell us which homes you are interested in, selecting as many as you like.

4)    When you have told us which homes you like we will start arranging viewings.

5)    If you go to a viewing and like the home, we will offer it to you.

If more than one household is interested in a home, we will prioritise in accordance with the Grenfell Rehousing Policy to ensure that the most vulnerable households are given the opportunity to be rehoused first.

Each home will only be offered to one household at a time. Once you have selected your new home, we will help you with furnishing it and moving in.

We are acutely aware how difficult it is living in hotels and understand it is not feasible or comfortable for a long period of time. So we are trying to balance the needs of residents with the urgency to find everyone a permanent home.


We have made 105 new-build properties across three developments; Hortensia Row, Kensington Row and Tavistock Crescent in the borough available on this website. We are adding further properties as quickly as they become available. As our programme accelerates there will more homes on the site.


So far, 50 households have moved in to new homes. People are viewing properties each week.  Our teams are scouring the borough for more homes suited to your needs.


We are using your feedback through this website and from what you tell us to target the right properties, ones that meet your needs and are in the right areas. The properties we have secured, and those we continue to identify, are all of a consistently high standard, we inspect each one carefully and are confident of the quality.  We know that moving into a permanent home is a major step in helping to rebuild your life and we will support you as much we can.


We are looking to rehouse everyone within 12 months from the fire, but we are hoping to do this sooner.

The homes available on this website are updated regularly. All the homes are covered by our commitments on rent, services charges and in the first year, utilities.